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    Updated: 2020.06.23

    TTGVA Committee has developed its COVID Safety Plan to bring back its social Volleyball competitions mindful of Government and TTG Council COVID-19 restrictions

    Everyone is encouraged to read our  COVID-19 Safety Plan  (subject to approval by the authorities)

    TTGVA has also developed a guideline for its members to explain their role in helping us safely return to playing social competitions within this restrictive and challenging environment.

    This   Return to Play  guideline will continue to evolve as we proceed through this recovery period.

    Every member must read and agree to these guidelines if they wish to play in our competitions.

    Please stay tuned to this web site and our Facebook page for any updates as they occur!

    TTGVA is looking forward to the return of its members but reminds us all that we must always abide to the official COVID-19 health advice and recommends that everyone downloads and invokes the COVID-19 SAFE app.


    Updated: 2020.07.04

    TTGVA and TEAMMO provide members with digital payment options

    Teammo  provides TTGVA members with modern digital online team match fee collection and payment options.

    Making Team Payments allows the Team Captain to make a single transaction payment on behalf of their team to TTGVA prior to playing any programmed matches.

    Collecting Member Payments allows the Team Captain to collect payment fees from each of their specific team members on a weekly basis.

    Team Match Payment options available now  - Check it out!

    Available under our main menu    / OUR VOLLEYBALL / PAYMENTS for Team Captain team match fee payments


    Updated: 2020.05.31

    Membership Registration details required now

    As part of the re-introduction of social volleyball after COVID-19,
    TTGVA needs to ensure all its membership details are valid and up-to-date.

    New Members MUST complete a TTGVA registration request (JOIN) before they can play.

    Existing Members can take this opportunity to (UPDATE) their membership details.

    TTGVA has created an new simple on-line Registration process - Check it out!

    Available under our main menu   / OUR VOLLEYBALL / REGISTRATION   - for both new and existing members!