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  • TTGVA Constitution:

    Updated: 06.12.2019

    TTGVA is updating its Constitution - A BIG TASK WE WANT TO GET RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

    This is very important document that captures the PURPOSE and AIMS of the Association and how it applies to our Members.

    Our current version was written back in 1997 and a lot has changed within the Association and this needs to be captured for the future generation who want to play with TTGVA.

    Perhaps you would like to help us shape our future! Or perhaps you have experiences in creating such documents! Or perhaps you are just interested being a TTGVA Member!


    We want to make sure our Members are behinds us in the direction we are taken to update this document which has stood for a very long time but is now sadly out-of-date and needs a major rewrite.

    If you would like to help, please contact our Arena Manager or any of the Committee. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Updated: 2019.11.04

    Final photos for season ending OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2019 are available!

    Check out both our current and past finalists!   It's great to see the teams back as far as 2001!

    Finals Photos can be found under our main menu : OUR ACTIVITIES / FINALS

    Why not check out last season's finals funnies as well!

  • Awards for 2019:

    Updated: 2019.09.09

    '2500 Club' Awards
    None were presented this year

    '1500 Club' Awards
    Jesse Hahn (2019)
    Michael Riley (2019)

    '500 Club' Awards
    Robert Hunter (2019)
    Tiffany Martin (2019)
    Scott Satterley (2019)
    Keni Taufa (2019)
    Ayden Wing (2019)

    Congratulations to all our members who received an award this year.

    Click here to see all TTGVA Awards

  • Member for King: MP Paula Luethen:

    Updated: 2018.07.10

    TTGVA noted in Speech on Limitations Bill in Parliment 19th June 2018

    Listen to Paula talk of TTGVA recent 40th year Invitational Country Tornament and about the club and its Committee!

    Special mention was made of our Social and Media Marketing person, Matt Cook, and positive feedback about our current website!

    Watch Paula's Speech

    Well done to our TTGVA Committee, whose efforts helped Paula get to know our association!