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    Updated: 2021.07.10

    TTGVA readies its new constitution for review by Members

    TTGVA  has spent many months working to update its Constitution to both capture its past and reflect its purpose and aims to continue its operations into the future.

    This (2021) Constitution draft is now ready for review by the Members. Whilst the basic purpose and aims of the Association have not fundamentally changed since our original 1978 version considerable new governance and compliance is now required for not-for-profit sporting organisation to continue to operate in the future.

    Your View Matters and TTGVA wants to make sure we are doing it right and have not forgotten what made us what we are today. To meet the expectations of our Members we seek your comments. If you have a bit of free time we welcome you to look at what we have done so far.

    View the new Constitution  - Provide your feedback today!


    Updated: 2020.10.27

    Membership Registration details must be up-to-date

    TTGVA needs to ensure all its Member's registration details are valid and always up-to-date.

    TEAM CAPTAINS : ALL Players MUST have completed a TTGVA registration request BEFORE they are allowed to play for your team (even as a fill -in) otherwise penalties will be applied!

    TTGVA has created an new simple on-line Registration process - Check it out!

    Available under our main menu   / OUR VOLLEYBALL / REGISTRATION   - for both new and existing members!