[Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association]

Information Facts

** Work in Progress here **

Nominating for our weekly volleyball competitions

Nominating a team is very easy at TTGVA. Simply fill-in the nomination form which can be found in our office foyer.

Present this completed form with the nomination fee ($60 cash) to our Arena Manager and you are done.

The nomination fee also covers the player registration cost for all your players for that season.

New players are still required to register (fill-in the registration form) but as previously mention it’s at no extra cost.

We have had a full competitions for a while now, so nominating early increases your team’s chance of getting into our competitions.

Our Weekly volleyball games (simply pay then play - no duties)

Here at TTGVA we try to make it as simple as possible for teams to get on with what they love…..volleyball.

  • Simply arrive 5 minutes before your game time and collect your teams pencil case from the office foyer.

  • Complete the team/score sheet which is enclosed (Print out or tick who is playing and cross out who is not.)

  • Collect your team’s game fee ($42) from your players. 
    (Most captains collect $7 from each player and let the excess accumulate over the season). 

  • Write down the total amount collected in the bottom right corner on the team sheet.

  • Present the pencil case with the team sheet & fees enclosed to the Arena Manager prior to the start of the game.

  • Grab a ball and warm up (all games are 1 hour long with a 10 minute warm-up and 50 minutes of game time.)

All the referees, warm-up & Match balls are provided by TTGVA.

Player Registration

  • All new players are required to fill-in our registration form by their second match which can be found in the office foyer.

  • All player registration fees are included in the team nomination fee. (So nothing to pay)


  • A player is required to be in uniform for their fourth game. (e.g. 3 playing weeks grace)

  • Tops must be of the same main colour/style minor variations such as small stripes/logos are acceptable.

  • Numbers must be displayed on the top and should be of the same colour. Taped, pined on, or poorly drawn numbers are not acceptable.

  • Players found to be out of uniform may result in 2 points per set per out of uniform player, awarded to the opposition up to a maximum of 6 points, above which a forfeit will be deemed.  


  • Teams playing finals must not have any monetary debt.

  • All players must be registered.

  • All players must have played a minimum of 5 games for their team.

  • Teams must have 6 players on court and ready to start the game on time. (E.g. no holes are permitted in finals.)

  • The weekly game fee still applies in finals.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is generally held every year in late August, on a Friday and at the Surrey Downs Community Centre 6 Zanoni Cres, Surrey Downs, 5126 between 7pm & 9pm.

Each year at our AGM two Executive Committee & all Committee members’ positions will fall vacant.  What we need for the AGM is a lot of our members to attend as witnesses.  Basically you come along listen to us talk for about 20 minutes, they will ask if there are any nominations for any vacant committee positions and then you get free food and drinks.

 Please don’t think you will be pressured into joining the committee when you don’t want to.

TTGVA Facebook

TTGVA has a Facebook page which is used by TTGVA and its members to improve communication amongst our members.

It’s a great way for TTGVA to get the word out quickly to the majority of our members for such things like social events, special notices and to post some photos and videos of the volleyball fun.

More importantly it’s a great way for members to find players if they are short players and inturn a great way for a player to find a team.

So go check us out on Facebook if you havent done so!.

NOTE : All competition related details, Game Times & Premiership Tables will always remain on our website!!


At TTGVA we play using the international volleyball rules as have been approved by Federation International Volleyball (FIVB) unless otherwise provided for in our bylaws. We undertake tailoring of these rules to best suit our local environment and to promote fair and reasonable Volleyball guidelines to support our social competitions. The bylaws can be found on our web site and also in the office foyer.

The bylaws have recently been updated particularly the wording of bylaw 3.2.2. The basic idea is in D & C-grade you can either play with the continuous sub through the service position for the entire set or the traditional Australian 12 sub rule for the entire set. Teams are not permitted switch from one to the other during a set.

Sunday Funday Event at Civic Park (Usually Bi-annually)

By-annually around April at Civic Park TTGVA celebrates providing social volleyball to the local community for over 35 years.

TTGVA put on lots of free volleyball, free food and free entertainment for all our past, current and possibly our future members to enjoy. 

TTGVA Pride Polo’s and Hoodies!

During the year TTGVA Pride tops become available from time to time.

If you would like one of these tops go to the office and ask the Arena Manager.

The "Polo" (and name tag)! The "Hoody"

Keep it fun and don't be a Bully!

TTGVA has become concerned that some people continue to "push the boundaries" between enjoying a well run social game of volleyball and wanting to take their frustrations out on our officials, the other teams or even their own players.

TTGVA has a zero tolerance of such poor sportsmanship and overall bullying attitudes. Over the next few months, TTGVA will formulate its own bullying set of rules and will enforce them to rid this cancer from within its membership.

In particular, players approach to our referee's continues to be a major focus and this poor behaviour/attitude is not going to be tolerated. The appointed TTGVA referee deserves the respect of the players regardless if you think they had done you a wrong!



Most of you are probably aware that TTGVA is always looking for people wanting to be a TTGVA referee. We encourage all our refs to undertake training and are monitored throughout their work to help them ensure the game is officiated correctly.  TTGVA does ask all of its members to show good sportmanship, good manners and patience to our referees especially to any of our new (and sometimes quite young) trainees. Afterall, without them, you should expect that it may be you on the stand next time!!

If you believe a referee is incorrect in their interpretation of a rule, please do not address it directly with the referee but instead come and speak to me (Arena Manager) either after the game or send me an email This way we can address any problems they may have with out damaging their confidence.





Well done to all the captains who all managed to pay what was required before the end of the season. Keep it up guys well done.




Referees Wanted

We are always looking for experienced referees so if that’s you and your interested come and talk to me.

To all players please remember the referee’s are human too and if you don’t agree with their decisions try to remember they are there so you don’t have to referee before or after your game.