In order to play for any TTGVA team you must be a registered member.  TTGVA allows an unregistered member one weeks grace before they must be registered if they wish to continue to play for a specific TTGVA team. Failure to do so will result in the team being penalised with a monetary fine.

You are encouraged to register as a TTGVA member prior to playing for any teams. Only need to register once no matter how many teams you want to play in. There are no fees associated with registration.  Registration fees are encapulated as part of the TEAM NOMINATION fees, paid by each team at the start of each season.

You should update your registration details with TTGVA whenever your circumstances change!!  This is important if TTGVA needs to contact you for any reasons.


All persons (whether registered or NOT) who enters the court on behalf of a specific TTGVA team is deemed to automatically agree to abide by our BYLAWS and CODES of CONDUCT. TTGVA will not accept any exception to these rules.


TTGVA ByLaws explain how we adapt some of the FIVA Volleyball rules to best support our local conditions, the conduct of our social competitions and the interests of our members.


Player responsibilities and general conditions of play have been incorporated into the TTGVA Bylaws, developed in-conjunction with the FIVA International Volleyball rules, to provide the rules and guidelines that TTGVA wishes to promote within its Volleyball competitions.

Any Bylaws changes are notified to members prior to implementation but its the member's responsibility to be familiar and up-to-date with the latest Bylaws and any local TTGVA conditions when may have been applied when participating in our local competitions.

Codes Of Conduct

TTGVA Codes of Conduct explains how we expect all of our members along with any associated persons known to those members to act whilst under or within the boundaries of responsibilities of the Association.

Codes of Conduct

It is the responsibility of every member to be aware and abide by our "Codes of Conduct", covering TTGVA and its Officials, other Teams, other Members and other people (not necessarily part of TTGVA) in any activities associated or organised within TTGVA.

It is the responsibility of the nominated captain to ensure good sportsmanship and the general conduct of his/her players on and off the court and that its members abide by these "Codes of Conduct".