Our Awards

Founding of TTGVA

Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association was founded 13th February 1978
with its official opening on 31st of March 1978.

President - Karl Richter
Secretary - Dave O'Brien
Treasurer - Mark Norman
Committee - Teresa Smith, John Ling, Gail Norman, Patricia O'Brien

Life Members

In March 1989, it was decided to honour those people who had given so much to the Association in time and effort, and so the a Life Membership was bestowed, in appreciation to those who did so much to get the organisation up and running, initially the first members were :

Karl Richter (1989)
David O'Brien (1989)
Mark Norman (1989)
Gail Norman (1989)
Duncan Ollier (1989)

and later others were added for their respective contributions in making the association one of the best in the South Australia!

Katarhyn O'Brien (1990)
Heather Steele (1990)
Shirley Duke (1991)
Philip Hooper (1991)
Teresa Smith (1992)
Darren Cameron (1993)

Graeme Doyle (1993)
Chris Sieben (1998)
John Wherry (2003)
Andrew Sinnott (2003)
Steve Druce (2006)
Tony Binyon (2010)

Ray Austin (2010)
Jacqui Norman (2013)
Adrian Gibbs (2014)
Chad Wherry (2015)
Shayne Hourigan (2015)

We continued to grow stronger over the years that followed and now run our social competitions at the Golden Grove Recreation and Arts Centre within Tea Tree Gully, South Australia.


Association Awards and Merits

As from 2020, TTGVA introduced award and merit recognition for those Members who have given specific dedicated service and regcognised support to the Association and/or directly to its Members:

Chris Sieben (2021)

Diamond Service Award
Dedicated Commitment and Outstanding Service

In Appreciation for more than 25 years as a Committee Member
(14yrs Treasurer, 15yrs General)

Steve Druce (2021)

Diamond Service Award
Dedicated Commitment and Outstanding Service

In Appreciation for more than 20 years as a Committee Member
(18yrs Secretary, 7yrs General)

Matt Cook (2021)

Crystal Service Award
Commitment and Service

In Appreciation for more than 10 years as a Committee Member

Chris Sieben (2021)

Significant Contribution Award
Outstanding Contribution, Commitment and Inspiration

Design, Manufacture and Assembly of our stadium Volleyball Referee Stands

Our Committee Members are all volunteers who work to ensure that the Association continues to achieve its aims and purpose as outlined in the TTGVA Constitution to provide one of the best Volleyball experiences to its Members. The nominations for these awards are in accordance with the TTGVA Awards and Merits policy.


Honour Members

In 1997, TTGVA introduced an "Honour" award in recognition of an individual member's contribution to the Association as a team player:

Bob Howson (1997) - for encouraging 3 generations of the Howson family to play volleyball

Volleyball is a great team sport and TTGVA encourages all members to participate within our social competitions either as a family group, a group of friends, a work group or as an individual just wanting to be part of a team.


Player Loyalty Awards

In 2016, TTGVA introduced a new award scheme to recognise Member Player loyalty within TTGVA. Eligibility for this award will be based the total number of MATCHES a specific MEMBER has played across all TTGVA organised competitions.

There are 3 award levels that recognise the number of MATCHES played, namely 500, 1500 and 2500. These awards are reviewed annually and presented to members as part of our Annual General Meeting.

Player Loyalty - 2500 Club

Darren Cameron (2018)

Chad Wherry (2020)

Player Loyalty - 1500 Club

Tony Binyon (2016)

Darren Cameron (2016)

Stephen Druce (2016)

Max Maksimovic (2016)

Chris Sieben (2016)

Chad Wherry (2016)

John Wherry (2016)

Jesse Hahn (2019)

Michael Riley (2019)

Josef Landherr (2020)

Rohan Graetz (2021)

Cris Buch (2021)

Player Loyalty - 500 Club

Hayley Ball (2016)

Martin Beverley (2016)

Aaron Blackley (2016)

Hayley Blackwell (2016)

Stan Bondarenko (2016)

Jared Bourke (2016)

Miriam Bourke (2016)

Rhys Bourke (2016)

Danny Bradshaw (2016)

Matthew Brine (2016)

Cris Buch (2016)

Matthew Cook (2016)

Paul Cooledge (2016)

Simon English (2016)

Scott Frankham (2016)

Adrian Gibbs (2016)

Brendan Gillespie (2016)

Rohan Graetz (2016)

Christopher Hahn (2016)

Jesse Hahn (2016)

Michael Hemmes (2016)

Charlie Hewlett (2016)

Shayne Hourigan (2016)

Graham Jamison (2016)

Daniel Jansen (2016)

Hugh Johnson (2016)

Steve Kelly (2016)

Bradley Kiedis (2016)

Roger Kloeden (2016)

Scott Knight (2016)

Julia Kuliwaba (2016)

Josef Landherr (2016)

Damien Lee (2016)

Richard Levi (2016)

Derek Littlewood (2016)

Cassidie Mahoney (2016)

Josh Mcgilloway (2016)

Lucas Mcgilloway (2016)

Steve Mcshane (2016)

Cristina Nazar (2016)

David Nelson (2016)

Jason Nelson (2016)

Richard Neville (2016)

John Nynycz (2016)

Ida Perger (2016)

Joe Perger (2016)

Anthony Pryzibilla (2016)

Michael Riley (2016)

Peter Rodney (2016)

Gerson Salinas (2016)

Chris Salter (2016)

Brenton Vandepeer (2016)

Mark Wallage (2016)

Dale Ward (2016)

Douglas Ward (2016)

Justin Ward (2016)

Andrew Wieczorek (2016)

Craig Wood (2016)

David Altman (2017)

James Green (2017)

Klaira Griffin (2017)

Denise Kloeden (2017)

Stephen Miller (2017)

Mark Riley (2017)

Andrew Bishop (2018)

Luke Dayman (2018)

Scott Grant (2018)

Russell Guscia (2018)

Julie Hambour (2018)

Nathan John Walker (2018)

Adam Kelly (2018)

Matthew Lane (2018)

Michael Perger (2018)

Craig Pullen (2018)

Bradley Smith (2018)

Andrew Soones (2018)

Robert Hunter (2019)

Tiffany Martin (2019)

Scott Satterley (2019)

Keni Taufa (2019)

Ayden Wing (2019)

Oliver Cibi (2020)

Adrian Czyzewski (2020)

April Grant (2020)

Tillie Griffin (2020)

Christopher Hrycek (2020)

Chris Knevitt (2020)

Minh Ly (2020)

Hannah Potter (2020)

Connor Riley (2020)

Stephanie Schultz (2020)

Andrew Sinnott (2020)

Isaac Wright (2021)

Anthony Conen (2021)

Cherie Buhagiar (2021)

Neil Welsh (2021)

Brayden Woodward (2021)

Scott Charles Knight (2021)

Brett Hall (2021)

Tony Holasek (2021)

Jason Kupke (2021)

TTGVA wishes to thank all of our players for their support in our competitions and will continue to acknowledge those who help make the Association what it is today.


In Memorandum

In April 2011, with great sadness, TTGVA acknowledges the passing of one of its founding members and a past President of the Association, Karl Richter. Karl was both the founding president and served in that role within the Association for nearly 20 years.

Karl Karl

Karl's contribution to the Association and its members has always been truly honest, forthcoming and giving in-nature and will be sadly missed. Our condolences go to Pat, Alan, Susan and their families for your loss of this very special man. He will always be remembered as one of the founding fathers of Volleyball within the Northern East Suburbs. May his memory and passion live on in the joy of those who continue to participate in the Association that he helped to establish and develop.

RIP Karl.