Rules & Guidelines

The TTGVA charter is to provide the general public with sporting experiences and general social enjoyment in the participation in the game of Volleyball. To achieve this, TTGVA has developed a set of guidelines and rules to ensure that its competitions are balanced, regulated and facilitated to be fair and consistent to all whilst still encouraging healthy competition for multiple levels of skills and playing abilities.

To be a member of our Association you must be aware and agree to abide by our rules and support the ideals and ethos that this Association has developed in promoting the playing of Volleyball for fitness, fun and friendship.

To participate as a player within our competitions, you must agree to abide by our BYLAWS and CODES of CONDUCT to help promote this Association to continue in achieving the necessary standards for providing a balanced, discrimination-free, friendly and safe Volleyball Sporting environment for its officials, its members and their associated supporting families.

This section is intended to generally inform the reader of our intent and goals and should not replace a member's responsibility to be familiar and up-to-date with the latest Bylaws and any local TTGVA policies or procedures as are updated from time to time. The TTGVA Committee takes an active role to review these TTGVA rules and policies and provides regular updates to its members as appropriate.  


TTGVA ByLaws explain how we adapt some of the FIVB Volleyball rules to best support our local conditions, the conduct of our social competitions and the interests of our members.

Player responsibilities and general conditions of play have been incorporated into the TTGVA Bylaws, developed in conjunction with the FIVB International Volleyball rules, to provide the rules and guidelines that TTGVA wishes to promote within its Volleyball competitions.

Any Bylaws changes are notified to members before implementation but its the member's responsibility to be familiar and up-to-date with the latest Bylaws and any local TTGVA conditions when may have been applied when participating in our local competitions. View Bylaws

Codes Of Behaviour

TTGVA Codes of Behaviours
(as part of the TTGVA Member Protection Policy) explains how we expect all of our members along with any associated persons known to those members to act whilst under or within the boundaries of responsibilities of the Association.

It is the responsibility of every member to be aware and abide by our "Codes of Conduct", covering TTGVA and its Officials, other Teams, other Members and other people (not necessarily part of TTGVA) in any activities associated or organized within TTGVA.

It is the responsibility of the nominated captain to ensure good sportsmanship and the general conduct of his/her players on and off the court and that its members abide by these "Codes of Behaviour" as outlined in our
TTGVA Member Protection Policy. View our Codes of Behaviour

Member Protection Policy

TTGVA Member Protection Policy :

Child Protection - Everyone's responsibilities to maintain a safe environment especially for children

Codes of Behaviour - Expected behaviour's of TTGVA, our members and anyone associated with TTGVA

Harassment/Bullying - Everyone's responsibilities to avoid Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying

Use of Social Media - Everyone's responsibilities when using social media platforms

Privacy - TTGVA responsibilities to ensure member's privacy is managed and maintained

It is the responsibility of TTGVA to promote and inform its members of their responsibilities and expected behaviours if they wish to be part of or associated with our Association. TTGVA strives for high expectations and has outlined these responsibilities and expected behaviours so everyone concerned can be aware of and agree to uphold our

Member Protection Policy

that outlines responsibilities, behaviours and policies for:


Generally, we operate two series of COMPETITIONS, one on a Tuesday Evening and the other on a Wednesday Evening. From time to time, we operate other competitions (i.e. Highschool U19).

Each competition is generally 15-18 weeks in duration with the last two weeks used to play finals, avoiding clashes with public and school holidays where possible.

When competitions are programmed to be back-to-back, we refer to them as being seasonal, with typically 3 SEASONS per year.)


Within each COMPETITION, TEAMS are allocated into equivalent skill levels groups, graded from A (Experienced) through to D (Beginner). Each group is assigned a unique DIVISION name, along with its specific allocated GRADE (A-D).

PLAYERS (of a TEAM) allocated to a DIVISION, will be considered to have been personally graded to that of the DIVISION after playing 3 MATCHES within that DIVISION.



Teams are typically made up of 6 or more players. Each team has a nominated "Captain", who is responsible to ensure that all team fees are paid before the start of the first game each week. The Captain should also ensure all team members are aware and abide by the TTVGA rules and bylaws.

Its the responsibility of each player within a team to monitor the TTGVA web site for the details of their matches (time and court)  each week. Each team player must also ensure that they pay their respective game fees to the Captain before the start of each match so they can be forwarded to the office before the start of the first game. Delays will result in the late start of games and penalties may be applied.


Match duration is 50 minutes with a 10-minute warm-up. Multiple sets are played within this timed period, with the first starting promptly after the warm-up period. All members of the team should be ready to play at the beginning of the first game.


Our social competition substitution rules, whilst based on the International Volleyball rules, have been extended and are defined within the TTGVA Bylaws.


For non-final rounds, matches are all time-limited. Premiership points are achieved upon the result of each match. Typically, each game is scored as being first to 25, leading by 2. To win the game in play at the end of the timed period the score must have reached at least 15 points and the winning team must lead by 2. If no team reaches 15, then the last game is ignored.

Finals scoring is typically best of 5 games (i.e. not timed) with first to 25, leading by 2. However, the 5th game (if required) is first to 15, leading by 2.

For more details View Bylaws


If a team fails to present (at least 5 or 6 players) at the start of their designated match, fines and loss of premiership points will be applied.

If a team decides not to show, then forfeits will be applied regardless of when the team notifies the TTGVA Arena Manager.

If a team is short of players for a particular week, the Team Captain should contact the TTGVA Arena Manager as soon as possible letting them know of the situation, so alternatives may be determined. In most situations, fines will also be applied.

For details of all fines and forfeits View Bylaws


All new players must complete a Registration application and agree to abide by TTGVA rules before they can play in any TTGVA competitions.

Names of all players must appear on the team sheet (even new players) but only after they have been registered.


All players must be in the team approved uniform for their fourth match with that team.

Tops are to be of the same main colour or style (minor variations may be acceptable) with a number (0-99) attached.

Shorts/Skirts/Track Pants should be of the same main colour.


Match Fees must be paid to the Arena Manager before the start of the match.

Teams who are more than one week in arrears will not be permitted to play until outstanding monies are paid.

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TTGVA incoporates its own Player grading system to help establish the skill sets required within each of its Teams and to help promote fair and balanced competition between the Teams within a specific Division.

Within a TTGVA Competition, each Division is allocated a specific Grade at the start of each season. Teams registered in that Division automatically inherit that Division's allocated grading.

During a Competition, each TTGVA Member is assigned a "Player Grading" that reflects the highest grading of any of the Teams they have qualified to play in within that Competition.

Rules apply if a TTGVA Member's Player Grade becomes higher than the grading of any Team in which they play.

View Bylaws


Once a TTGVA Member's name appears on a specific Team's TeamSheet and they play in a game for that Team, they are automatically assigned as being a Player for that Team.

If that Member then no longer wants to play for that Team and decides to play in another Team within the same Division, they must seek a Clearance from original Team BEFORE they are allowed to play in the new Team.

A TTGVA Member is only allowed a maximum of 2 Clearance requests per Season.


Forfeits and Fines can apply if you do not follow our rules. These can be applied for multiple reasons and are all outlined within our BYLAWS.

Its the responsibility of each TTGVA Member to be aware of these limitations and consequences.

View Bylaws

Team Nomination Fees

Team Nomination forms for the upcoming season are generally made available approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of finals. If you have any queries please contact the Arena Manager.

Request A Nomination

Player Membership Fees are incorporated under a single Team Nomination fee. Therefore a team pays only a single team Nomination fee regardless of the number of players who play for that team. Team Nomination fees are non-refundable.

All Fees are determined and set at the start of each season and are included on the Team Nomination form. If you have any queries please contact the Arena Manager.

Weekly Team Fee (6-a-side)         $48 per match (typically 3 games)
Team Nomination Fee                  $60 per season - paid prior to season commencing.
Late Nomination Fee                    $10 extra