Our Charter

Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association (TTGVA) Incorporated is a non-profit volunteer organisation that has been involved in the development and fostering social Volleyball in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia since 1978.

TTGVA continues to operate, guided by a group of dedicated Volleyball individuals and their Constitution, to promote and provide social Volleyball for the general public in a  "Fitness, Friends and Fun" atmosphere of this great team sport.

Of course, there still needs to be Rules and Guidelines, but over the past 30 years TTGVA believes it has developed a fair and equitable means of providing our members with well managed and balanced competitions, ensuring everyone is treated respectfully, encouraging a good team sport attitude and providing a friendly and learning environment that encourages members to play at differing levels that best suits their own individual skills and desires.

As a member of our Association or as part of the Committee, you can help promote our ideals and ethos of the Association, further developing it as a leading organisation in its quest to promote the playing of social Volleyball for "Fitness, Friends and Fun".


TTGVA Constitution provides us with the guidelines and processes for developing our association to best suit the interests of our members.

Our Constitution provides the incorporation guidelines for the conduct of the Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association Committee who in turn, provide its members with the policies and guidelines for the conduct of Volleyball within the Association.

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Policies & Guidelines

Child Safe Protection explains our approaches and general responsibilities to ensure the  protection of our younger members.

Zero Tolerance Bullying guidelines explains our approach to help stamp out all forms of bullying, whether it be with other members, our officials, other sporting bodies or any associated person participating with our Association.

Every TTGVA member agrees to make it their responsibility to be aware and abide by our policies and guidelines, covering:

* Child Protection View our Child Safe Policy

* Bullying (Zero Tolerance) Zero Tolerance "Bullying" Guidelines

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee (as defined in our Constitution) consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who form the main management arm of the Association. This Executive Committee are there to guide the Association in maintaining its objectives to its members as outlined in the Constitution. 

Each Executive position role is held for a 2 year period and are appointed by the Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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Aside from the Executive Committee, there are annual appointed members who form part of the general Committee. Meeting monthly, these Committee members help support and provide the guidelines in the operation of the Association.

This volunteer Committee group also provides the arms and legs of the Association, organising and co-ordinating the multiple activities undertaken within TTGVA.

Arena Manager

The Arena Manager is the public face between our members, our teams, our competitions and the TTGVA Committee.  This role must ensure our member's Volleyball expectations and desired experiences are met whilst still achieving the overall objective success of the Association. 

Our Arena Manager is the planner, operator and co-ordinator of our Volleyball Competitions ensuring their smooth operation on a day-by-day basis as well as across seasons throughout the year. 


The TTGVA Referees are a dedicate group of members who volunteer to undertake the official control of each organised Volleyball match. By providing our own referees, each whom receive training and individual assessments (from our Referee Co-ordinator & Trainers), we can maintain our expected standards with the way games are to be officiated and remove the need for team members to undertake referee duties.

Our Arena Manager, along with our Referee Co-ordinator and Referee Trainers, co-ordinate the availability of the Referees each week and during finals.


A TTGVA Member is an individual who registers their personal details for inclusion within our Association records and, in doing so, is both aware and agrees to abide by our rules and the values of the Association. At all times, the TTGVA Committee reserves its right to, not accept, exclude or sanction any person from being a TTGVA Member, whom they have deemed does not qualify or has failed to comply and/or uphold its rules and/or values. 

As a member, you are entitled to participate within our Volleyball Competitions, be involved as part of our Association or just be a supportive or social member of our Association.


A TTGVA Player is a registered member whom commits to wanting to play Volleyball for a specific team within our Association. You can commit to play with other teams in another Division but you must make yourself aware of our Player/Team/Division grading schemes to ensure that you are not procluded  of differing grades As a Player, you agree to our Bylaws covering.

For full details View our BYLAWS

Life Members

Our unsung heroes and major contributors of their own time and efforts, making TTGVA what it is today!

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Supportive of Volleyball SA.

TTGVA help to support VSA for elite VB.
To enquire about playing at State League level: State League Volleyball