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    TTGVA is working hard to bring back our social Volleyball within Government and TTG Council COVID-19 restrictions by developing COVID-SAFE Plans now!

    Upon government advice, indoor sporting venues can now start to plan their part in the COVID-19 recovery! TTGVA is creating its COVID-SAFE plan that must be implemented before commencement of any indoor sports.

    This plan affects many aspects in the conduct of our competitions and
    TTGVA will be working with the TTG Council to ensure our playing facilities are COVID-SAFE.

    Our Volleyball Office (at Golden Grove Recreation & Arts Centre) is closed
    but our email and phone will still be attended.

    Please stay tuned to this web site and our facebook page for any updates as they occur!

    TTGVA apologies to all of its members for this disruption but will keep you informed as the plan develops.

    Updated: 2020.05.31

TTGVA U19 Competition

[Currently Not Active]

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High School
High School Finals
  Preliminary Final
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Grand Final
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High School
Time --:-- pm
Court -
Time --:-- pm
Court -
(Grade A)
1   ---
2 *Winner of (2x3)* Most Valuable Players
Male ---
Female ---

All games played are: Best of 5
There is a 10 minute warm-up period before the game starts.
Games may start later than scheduled if previous game runs over time.

1. Teams must have 6 players on court to qualify to play. Cannot play with 5.
2. Finals competitors must be registered and have played at least 3 matches to qualify.
3. All team outstanding fees must have been paid before that team is eligible to play finals.
4. Normal TTGVA rules (Bylaws) apply for Uniforms, Higher Grade Players and Substitutions.

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*** No program details exist for this Division [High School] ***