From July 2020, TTGVA inconjunction with an online payment provider (known as TEAMMO) can offer to its members cashless payment methods for the secure collection and payment of team fees. This new payment capability supplements our existing payment methods and provides more options for Team Captain/Coordinator to collect their team member match fees and other payments using digital transactions avoiding unnecessary risks associated with handling cash especailly during this COVID-19 recovery period.

This is a new payment option that TTGVA and TEAMMO are offering to its members. As such there is a learning curve for all of us to determine the best approach for our Teams and our Members. There are also future options that are being developed and TTGVA hopes to bring to its Members a complete choice of options taking full advantages of using modern technology devices.

Why not join today and make digital payments easily?

Teammo  provides our members with modern digital online team match fee collection and payment option.

Making Team Payments allows the Team Captain to make a single transaction payment on behalf of their team to TTGVA prior to playing any programmed matches.

Collecting Member Payments allows the Team Captain to collect payment fees from each of their specific team members on a weekly basis.

There are two main features of the TEAMMO online system that TTGVA Team Captains (and the members of that Team) can take immediate advantage of:

* Making your Team match fee payment to TTGVA - no more running around looking for change - can be done from the comfort of your own home, anytime - can even pay in advance

* Collecting match payments from your Team Members - use SMS messaging as a team reminder and with just a click of the button you can pay for your game - Provide Team Captains with easy dashboard to see who has and who hasnt paid!
(Please note - a fee of 3.9% (approx 30 cents) per member who wishes to use this feature)

Each Team Captain can create a TEAMMO account to manage their team - its simple and there are no contracts or risks! Click here to learn more about using TEAMMO

Instructions for Team Captains

Create a TEAMMO account

Goto TEAMMO for TTGVA web page

  • Select "Create an account"

  • Enter a name for your team

  • Select  "Volleyball" as the sport

  • Continue to personal details

  • Enter your email, Full name, mobile, and create a password, and click "create account"

  • Retrieve the confirmation code sent via email and enter it in to the verification page

  • Select  "Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association"

  • Choose the competition (e.g. Tuesday Red, or Wednesday Blue)

  • Select the Section (grade: e.g. A, B1, B2, C, or D)

  • Select/Confirm your team from the list

You will be then taken to the TEAMMO Dashboard

Existing TEAMMO account? (At start of each season)

Each season you will need to reconnect to your new season's teams even if it currently shows your teams from last season.

Navigate to the 'Edit Team' page:
You can access this page by clicking on the three dots located next to your team name in the menu, or click the 'Teams' button in your menu.

Choose the team you want to edit:
Click the 'Edit' button next to the team you want to update or change the association connection for

Click 'Change Association Connection' button:

Connect your team:
Select  "Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association"
Choose the competition (e.g. Tuesday Red, or Wednesday Blue)
Select the Section (grade: e.g. A, B1, B2, C, or D)
Select Team Name

Then, click the 'Select Team' button. To finalise your connection, click 'Confirm Details'.

You have now connected your team to your association.
If there are games loaded in Teammo, you will see these on your dashboard page.
This means you can start paying for upcoming games.

TEAMMO Dashboard

This will show your upcoming games and allow you to pay the game fees:

Paying for your game is done by clicking ‘Pay Now’ for the upcoming game, and entering your payment details.

Adding another Team to your Account

To add another team that you manage/captain, click the 3 dots next to the current team name in the top left:

Then click "Create Team":

  • Enter a team name

  • Select "Volleyball" as the sport and save

  • Select "Connect now"

  • Choose TTGVA from the list

  • Select the Competition (e.g. Tues or Wed)

  • Select the Section (grade: e.g. A, B1, B2, C, or D)

  • Select your team from the list and click "Select Team"